Notes from GHI Board/Audit Committee Work Session

Tuesday’s June 12, 2018 work session between the GHI Board and Audit Committee saw the boardroom filled beyond capacity with members interested in the conversation.

What follows are my personal and unofficial highlights of the meeting. I refer to all members who spoke as “GHI Member” because I could not capture every name. My post may contain unintentional errors so please post any corrections, clarifications or amplifications in the comments section for the benefit of all readers.

The purpose of the meeting was how the Board, Audit Committee, and General Manager can work together to forward GHI’s best interests on behalf of our members and cooperative. The meeting focused on these topics:

Topic A: The Audit Committee’s access to “all books and records of the Corporation” per GHI bylaws and the Maryland Cooperative Housing Corporation Act.

Topic B: How the Board and General Manager will accommodate the Audit Committee’s requests for access to GHI books, records, and activities (observing inventory count, etc.)

Topic C: Does the Audit Committee have a role in Member Complaints Process

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Updated: Don’t Miss Tuesday’s GHI Board/Audit Committee Work Session

photo of led signage on the wall

UPDATE: GHI has posted the meeting agenda and related documents here:

Mark your calendar and plan to attend this important work session between the GHI Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

June 12 (Tuesday) @ 7 p.m.
GHI Administration Building Board Room
1 Hamilton Place, Greenbelt, MD 20770

(!) Why it matters The meeting will address the debate about how much independence the Audit Committee has to access GHI’s records while performing its oversight duties. The meeting will also examine whether the Audit Committee should be involved when members want to file complaints against the Board and/or GHI staff.

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