Mission & Vision


Members United’s mission is six-fold:

  • To encourage responsive governance;
  • To promote participatory, democratic member control of the cooperative;
  • To provide education, training, and information to members about their role in the cooperative;
  • To provide mechanisms to encourage communication between cooperative members;
  • To give voice to members’ concerns for the cooperative community;
  • To encourage member participation.




Members United is comprised of Greenbelt Homes, Inc.(GHI) members.
We envision:


We believe:

  • That a cooperative should be based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity, as we work together as a cooperative community.
  • In the importance of honesty and transparency in the conduct of the business of the cooperative and in how members engage in their cooperative.
  • That the cooperative benefits when members actively participate by asking questions about the conduct of the corporation’s business and by making suggestions about the operations of the cooperative.
  • In the ethical values of social responsibility and caring for others in our cooperative community.
  • In the value of educating members about cooperatives and responsive governance, about their role as members, and empowering members to demand transparency from Corporation staff and the Board of Directors as they conduct the business of our cooperative.

We work to ensure that standard business practices underlay the business activities of the corporation and safeguards are in place to protect each member’s investment in the cooperative.




  • Prepare and support cooperative members by providing them with education and training about how successful cooperatives operate and their rights and responsibilities as members.
  • Encourage the Cooperative to adopt the seven (7) international cooperative principles.
  • Provide a robust social media platform that supports and encourages communication and transparency between members and the Board of Directors.
  • Develop a live streaming model for meetings as a proof of concept.
  • Partner with organizations to provide resources for member training and empowerment.
  • Encourage more town hall style meetings.
  • Network with other cooperatives.



  • Educate members about their rights and responsibilities using our website, membersunited.net.
  • Use our website and a social media platform to advocate that GHI adopt the seven (7) international cooperative principles.
  • Encourage the Board and corporation management to receive training on how to incorporate the seven (7) international cooperative principles into their strategic planning and in the operation of the cooperative.
  • Provide a social media platform for members of the cooperative to share opinions and suggestions about the operation of the cooperative.
  • Use social media to inform members and stakeholders about upcoming cooperative activities and events, such as important agenda items, meetings, and educational opportunities and events.
  • Encourage live streaming of Board meetings, Annual Meetings, Special Meetings, and Town Hall meetings.
  • Advocate to provide members with the ability to ask questions and make comments during meetings.
  • Advocate for GHI to host more town hall style meetings, including one devoted to discussing the proposed budget each year, prior to the budget being adopted by the Board.
  • Participate in local community events, displaying and distributing information about cooperatives.



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