Community Beautification Program: Does It Apply to Common Spaces?

common-space-sidewalks-e1571422331845.pngThe Community Beautification Program (CBP), also known as yard inspections, takes place every year beginning in late spring. Members’ yards are inspected to ensure that they are meeting “minimum upkeep standards.” This year, after revisions to the program, 1,379 units failed their first inspection thereby requiring a second inspection to determine if the citation was corrected.  As of the September 3, 2019 Community Beautification Interim Report, 3,470 citations were issued during the first and second inspection.

It is hard to believe that 85% of units aren’t meeting the minimum upkeep standards. When walking around GHI, the egregious violations that I have observed are few and far in between. In fact, it tends to be the same units consistently year after year, and these units have most likely already been identified by GHI.  So how is it that 85% of units are violating what is considered to be “minimum upkeep”?  Where is the breakdown in the CBP inspections? Continue reading “Community Beautification Program: Does It Apply to Common Spaces?”

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Our new Member Spotlight series debuts with videos focusing on those who are active in Members United.  Learn more about who we are and our backgrounds as members in GHI. Future videos will feature interviews with other members of GHI and the Greenbelt community.  

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Results of Livestream Survey

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Members United hosted our first ever livestream on April 17, 2019 to review the results of our livestream survey.  In case you missed it, you can still view it here on our YouTube channel.  You can view the survey for complete results.

The survey was completed by 77 members.  Here are a few highlights of what they said (percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number):

  • 23% have never attended a meeting of the Board of Directors and 24% have never attended any other GHI meetings (such as annual meetings, special membership meetings, etc.).
  • 90% believe that it benefits the co-op when they attend meetings, however only 65% believe that it benefits them when they attend meetings.
  • 71% would like to engage more in Board meetings than they currently do.
  • Some major reasons that would encourage members to attend meetings more than they currently do include: if the agenda was made more clear to members, if members felt the agenda items applied more to them, if the meetings were shorter in duration, and if the meetings were more accessible (physical accessibility and ability to hear Board members more clearly).
  • 96% say that technology is an important part of their everyday lives.
  • 79% say they would be more likely to engage in Board meetings if they were livestreamed.
  • 87% believe that livestreaming is relevant to GHI and its members, and they also believe it is a way to engage members more fully in the Board meeting process.
  • 83% think that livestreaming is a safe and secure option to engage GHI members in Board meetings.
  • Only 39% say they are knowledgeable about livestreaming and its security features; however, 52% would like to learn more about livestream options and security features.

Tips for HIP

gray nails beside beige wooden planks and hammers
We were part of the 2017 HIP cohort for our frame home. After our experience and listening to those of other members, I have compiled a list of Tips for HIP.  Please join in the chat to share additional tips and suggestions.

We selected only one optional improvement – covering and sealing our trash door which was already sealed by a previous owner, but the unusable door remained. With a comparison of winter 2016-2017 versus winter 2017-2018, our house maintained 8 degrees warmer (we only use 3 of our 5 baseboard heaters) while our electricity bill averaged plus or minus $15 from the previous winter. With a bill that was relatively the same, our house was warmer and we were significantly more comfortable. Continue reading “Tips for HIP”

Notes from the 9-6-18 Board Meeting

two person wearing gray and blue suits
GHI’s most recent Board Meeting was held on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 7:45pm. Read more for highlights of the meeting.

The Executive Session Meeting was held prior to the open board meeting:

  • Approved the minutes of the Executive Session Meeting held on August 2, 2018
  • Considered and approved the proposed contract for the solar panel installation at the administrative building (2nd reading)
  • Considered the terms of the 2018 fall concrete repair contract (1st reading)

Continue reading “Notes from the 9-6-18 Board Meeting”

Results of the Special Membership Meeting on August 6, 2018

four people holding green check signs standing on the field photography

A Special Membership Meeting was held on August 6, 2018 to approve two motions related to frame crawlspaces and asbestos found in those crawlspaces.  It was noted by Secretary Ed James that 87 members were in attendance by 7:30pm, and there were most likely more who had signed in since that number was totaled.

The first motion was read by Vice President Stefan Brodd: “Motion #1 – Amendment of the motion passed on February 8, 2018: On behalf of the GHI Board of Directors, I move that the membership of Greenbelt Homes Inc. authorize Greenbelt Homes Inc. to enter into a contract with ACM Services, to remove all abandoned above-ground heating and hot water pipes including those that contain asbestos materials, existing vapor-barrier materials and batt-insulation, from the crawlspaces of 185 frame buildings, at the contractor’s base bid of $1,588,520, plus a 10% allowance for contingencies, for a total not to exceed $1,747,372.”

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Notes from the City of Greenbelt/GHI Stakeholders Meeting on 7-16-18

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On Monday, July 16, 2018, the GHI Board and General Manager met with the City of Greenbelt City Council for a work session.  Items on the agenda included GHI’s request to permit contractors to dispose of leaf and tree waste at the City’s Northway Fields, questions about the seven GHI-owned playgrounds which the City maintains, WSSC’s proposal regarding water pipes to GHI homes, the City’s plan to replace the Southway welcome sign, and right-of-way encroachment issues.  GHI and the City also discussed their common stances on the P.G. County Zoning Re-Write, the MAGLEV train project, and proposed widening of the BW Parkway.  Additionally, GHI requested notification from the City regarding all road and sidewalk projects that affect GHI homes and buildings.

Read below for more detailed notes regarding the work session.

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