This Week’s Board Meeting: Request for Audiovisual Recordings of Board Meetings to be Made Available to Members

young unrecognizable woman during video chat on laptop

Of note for the July 9, 2020 Board of Directors meeting is an agenda item previously explored by Members United: that audiovisual recordings of the Board of Directors meetings be made available to members.  Since the stay-at-home order began in March, Board meetings have become virtual; Zoom meetings have been made available for Board members and GHI members alike.  The quick action to do this by GHI allowed our cooperative and Board to remain up and running, while providing members with a virtual platform to be involved while staying in their homes.

This item will be discussed at this week’s Board meeting.  To further the accessibility of the Board meetings to all members, it has been requested that the recordings of the Open Session Board meetings be made available to GHI members.  If you want to share your support for this request with the Board, please make the time to attend the meeting (Zoom information is provided by GHI in the weekly E-News) or email the Board with your thoughts.

Members United has previously explored the idea of recorded Board Meetings and member interest through a survey.  You can read the results here or watch our recorded live stream with the results here.

Author: Lauren Wisniewski

Lauren is a lifelong Greenbelter. She grew up in GHI as a child and returned to GHI as an owner in 2009.

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