Save the Date (Tuesday, April 30, 2019): GHI Candidates’ Forum

NOTE: This post was updated to clarify that forum broadcasts are handled through the City of Greenbelt’s cable station, not GATe. My apologies for the error!

It’s time for GHI’s 2019 Candidates’ Forum!  Listen to and ask questions of the candidates running for positions on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

7:30 p.m.

Where? (scroll down for live-streaming information)
Greenbelt Municipal Building
Council Chamber
25 Crescent Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770

What do you care about? Maintenance? Strategic planning? Financial controls? Come to the forum and ask the candidates what they will do to address the issues that matter to you!

Live-Streaming + Broadcast + Playback Options
According to the GHI Nominations & Elections Committee, the forum will also be:

Live-streamed on the city website. When the meeting date/time arrive, go to the city’s website then click on the link “Click here to watch live streaming now.”

Broadcast on the City of Greenbelt’s cable station.

If you want to share highlights from the forum with your friends and neighbors, you can:

Watch a re-broadcast on the City of Greenbelt’s cable station.

Stream the archived video on the city’s website. Once there, scroll down and click on “Candidates Forums” to see a list of GHI forum videos. Recordings date back to 2014 so you can evaluate each incumbent candidate’s track record!

Hope to see you on Tuesday as we gather information we need to choose the best candidates for GHI!

Author: Mo Hamilton

Mo Hamilton joined GHI in 2013 after living in the Washington area for 18 years. She lives in large yard that was sold with a block honeymoon cottage attached. Contact Mo at

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