5 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts On Live Streaming?”

  1. There is a danger to live streaming the meetings. We are in a culture of accountability so if something is now in the AV record, is GHI accountable? Also, live streaming does not make the board members more connected and in my humble experiences at work, it does not inspire people to work together at all. It provides GHI members an opportunity to hear the content of the meetings (which is awesome) but from my experiences at work, it affords no miracles to actively engage in existing board members and inspire future board members to join. Livestreaming is great when people cannot make the meetings due to work-life balance conflicts, and disabilities. It’s not been a good substitute for virtual teaming and virtualized work allocation.


    1. Jen, I understand your thoughts that live streaming will not allow people to work together. However, I believe that there is a very large percentage of our co-op that isn’t aware at all about what happens at our Board meetings. They aren’t aware of the topics discussed or the issues brought up, and they have no idea about the decisions that impact them and our co-op that are made at each meeting.

      While I do agree that live streaming will not directly make members more involved (how can they be involved when they are simply watching a meeting and not participating?), I do think that it will make members more informed and therefore want to be more involved. I believe that it would indirectly have a positive impact on our co-op and increase member involvement. Board meetings already have a very poor member turnout. I can only see how this would increase members’ interest and hopefully encourage more people to attend in person in the future.


    2. You raise a valid point about accountability. I know of two housing communities that record or livestream their board meetings and both emphasize training and signage to remind officials AND attendees of their obligation to be professional. They also note that sensitive business is moved into executive sessions which are not broadcast. Overall, streaming has given their residents another way to keep up with the business of their communities and get involved when personally meaningful issues arise.


  2. Thank you for your comments. As I am active in GHI and in the community I have been approached by GHI parents who are unable to attend meetings in person because they have children. They tell me that they wish GHI meetings were streamed so they could watch the meetings while taking care of their children, as they do with Council meetings. For others (and for me before I retired) their long commute home from work doesn’t mean their work is done for the day or it often means that they can’t make meetings. My job was such that I would have had time to watch the live streaming while I waited for IT- or network-related jobs to run. Also I have retired friends who are having some physical issues that make sitting through a Board meeting difficult if not impossible. These are seniors who are very comfortable using their laptops and tablets and would like to be able to watch GHI meetings and keep up to date on the issues facing our cooperatives.
    As far as your concern about accountability, the Board is accountable with or without streaming. I have seen members in the audience really change the tone of how Board meetings are run, and how agenda items are discussed and even decided. I think the knowledge that the meetings are being streamed will only increase the focus and professionalism of Board members as it would for anyone in that situation. I guess I don’t think that is a bad thing for the membership.


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