Check Your 2019 Maryland Property Value Assessment

I updated this post to note that the $20,000 increase compares the 1/1/2019 value with the assessed value on 1/1/2016.

The State of Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) has updated its market value assessments for many parcels of real property, including GHI.

According to the state’s online real property database, the assessed value of my home increased by more than $20,000 (compared with the assessed value on 1/1/2016) so I am considering an appeal.

SDAT sends our assessment notices to GHI’s Finance Department so we should receive them soon which is critical because the SDAT Homeowner’s Guide to Property Taxes and Assessments notes that we only have 45 days from the date on the notice to appeal our assessments.

If you want to check your home’s 2019 assessed market value today, here are the steps I followed:

Step 1. Find your unit’s district number (which is 21 for GHI) and 7-digit tax account number on the GHI Schedule of Real Estate Taxes Account Listing

Step 2. Go to the State of Maryland’s Real Property Data Search

Step 3. Select “Prince George’s County” and the search method “Property Account Identifier” then continue

Step 4. Enter district number 21 and your 7-digit tax account number then continue

Step 5. Scroll down to the Value Information section to see the amount under “Value as of 01/01/2019”.

I successfully filed for the Homestead Property Tax Credit in 2016 (learn more about the credit here and here) but never appealed a real property assessment so here is helpful information I found while searching the SDAT and GHI websites:

GHI Real Estate Tax Seminar Summary Notes (Dec 19, 2016)

SDAT Questions and Answers About Real Property Assessments

SDAT Homeowner’s Guide to Property Taxes and Assessments

SDAT Assessment Appeals Process

SDAT Real Property Assessment Appeal Form (form closes February 11, 2019) The online form requires your notice number and control number which you will receive from GHI.

Please feel free to share any advice or suggestions about appealing an assessment or why it might not be a good idea to appeal. Thank you!

Author: Mo Hamilton

Mo Hamilton joined GHI in 2013 after living in the Washington area for 18 years. She lives in large yard that was sold with a block honeymoon cottage attached. Contact Mo at

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