SCMAGLEV Project Update

On November 15, 2018 the Baltimore-Washington SCMAGLEV Project emailed announced that the “Alternatives Report” was published on the project website in the following email:


We are pleased to announce that the Alternatives Report is now published on the project website. You can download it here.

The Alternatives Report follows the Preliminary Alternatives Screening Report (January 2018) and considers written input and feedback received from the public, agency representatives, and local officials on what alternatives should be studied in detail.

The NEPA team will ultimately study information provided in this report in even greater detail and incorporate those findings into the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, anticipated to be complete in 2019.

Here are a few highlights featured in the Alternatives Report:

  • Further refinements to route alternatives J and J1 to minimize effects on human and natural resources;
  • Identification and initial assessment of ancillary facilities such as a train maintenance yard (rolling stock depot) and ventilation facilities;
  • Initial assessment of station locations in Baltimore, BWI Airport and Washington DC:
    • Identification of Baltimore station options at Camden Yards (underground) and Cherry Hill Light Rail (aboveground);
    • Identification of Washington DC station options at Mt. Vernon Square East (underground) and Mt. Vernon Square West (underground) as well as discussion of the NoMa station alternatives;
  • Summary of on-going agency coordination and comments.

As always, the SCMAGLEV team appreciates your continued interest. Your input makes projects better.


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