Don’t Miss Thursday’s GHI Finance Committee Meeting

laptop calendar and books

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the GHI Finance Committee meeting.

June 14 (Thursday) @ 7 p.m.

GHI Administration Building Board Room

1 Hamilton Place, Greenbelt, MD 20770

(!) Why it matters This meeting will hold discussions of aged receivables, the first quarter financial statements, and calculation of new member real estate taxes.

This may be of interest to you if:

1. If you are a new or longtime member who wants to learn more about GHI’s finances and the Finance Committee.

2. If you are curious about YTD progress compared to the 2017 numbers reported in GHI’s 2017-2018 Annual Report.

3. If you know someone who may buy a GHI home and could be affected by the co-op’s real estate tax calculation for new members.

Author: Lauren Wisniewski

Lauren is a lifelong Greenbelter. She grew up in GHI as a child and returned to GHI as an owner in 2009.

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