We Want to Hear From You!

Members United wants to hear from the members of GHI; what topics are you interested in?  We strive to create a co-op where members are actively involved and engaged. What issues do you feel are in need of discussion among Members United?  

Are you interested in ways to get members more involved in GHI decisions?  Do you want to learn more about the seven international cooperative principles?  Are you looking for additional means of participation in Board meetings? Let us know your thoughts for future Members United articles and discussions.

Author: Lauren Wisniewski

Lauren is a lifelong Greenbelter. She grew up in GHI as a child and returned to GHI as an owner in 2009.

2 thoughts on “We Want to Hear From You!”


    Every term in the NCO must be carefully defined because developers interested in building in GHI will have many lawyers and sympathetic people trained in real estate at a business school. These people likely will hunt for loopholes in the NCO that would allow them to do what they want.

    For example. the following terms need definition.
    iv B: “curvilinear network”. I do not know what this means.
    iv E. “dwelling unit” because this idea is key in understanding the restrictions on density. Could “dwelling unit” be interpreted to mean a full row of units?
    iv F: “Service-side” and “Garden-side” should be explicitly defined to agree with GHI’s current usage.
    v H: “minimal ratio” needs a precise definition.
    vi B and vii: I do not understand what “this Section” refers to.
    viii B: “low-lying” needs a precise definition, possibly in terms of the average sea level of the NCO area. In the current draft, the question is “low-lying” compared to what.

    Item viii refers to units constructed in the 1930’s. How do the larger homes fit into the NCO?

    I strongly oppose the suggestion in the Note to iv E that says “…density limits should not be identical to the number of dwelling units in a Lettered Parcel, but rather should be slightly higher in order to provide the flexibility to address unforeseen needs and unknowable events.” Making the density limits higher than the current density would be the loophole that could allow developers to try to move in on GHI.

    I can understand the Architectural Review Board to cover Commercial buildings, but not GHI residences. I would add to vi A the sentence “The Style Guide shall include the GHI Style Guide to apply to GHI residences.”

    Henry Haslach


    1. Henry, thank you for sharing your comments and getting involved in the discussion. Please don’t forget to share your comments directly with GHI by emailing them to mgmtoffice@ghi.coop before close of business today.


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