About Members United

What is Members United?

Members United is comprised of GHI members who envision a cooperative in which all members are united in their commitment to participatory governance and to incorporating the seven international cooperative principles.  Our mission is to promote responsive governance, member participation, member education, and communication between GHI members, employees, and the Board of Directors.


What is Responsive Governance?

Members United believes in leadership that responds thoughtfully and effectively to the needs and concerns of GHI members.  Members should feel that our leadership of GHI employees and Board members truly care about the concerns and needs of GHI members.  Members should have the means to voice their opinions to leadership that responds to and respects their opinions.


How can members be more involved?

Members United envisions a cooperative where members actively participate in the control of GHI.  Members United promotes democratic member control of the cooperative whereby the members are involved in decision-making.  We seek to provide education, training, and information to members about their role in GHI. Members United works toward the provision of mechanisms to encourage further communication between leadership and membership.


What are the Seven International Cooperative Principles?

Members United believes in the seven international cooperative principles established by the International Co-operative Alliance.  As adopted in 1995, the seven international cooperative principles are: (1) voluntary and open membership, (2) democratic member control, (3) member economic participation, (4) autonomy and independence, (5) education, training, and information, (6) co-operation among co-operatives, and (7) concern for community.  See https://ica.coop/en/whats-co-op/co-operative-identity-values-principles for more information.


Click here to see the Mission Statement of Members United and learn more about us.

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